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Friday, January 25, 2008

Counting Sheep

I got only five hours of sleep last night, maybe. But it was worth it.

Last week, Ingrid and I attended the anonymous group, but last night (even though it was her birthday) we tried a different one. Thin Within. Great group of women (small in numbers, but dedicated). Ingrid and I will most likely get the materials and start attending regularly.

The premise is almost identical to Weigh Down Workshop, in that we are called to focus on God, the author and finisher of our faith, rather than all those things that we think will fill us - here, namely food! So, we are to watch for the hunger signs, because God has built that into us to notify us that we need food. And to be careful to stop when we have had just enough for the need. How freeing, though, because ALL the foods out there that we so enjoy are "legal." Because we only eat them when we need them, and only eat as much as we need.

So, brownies for breakfast? Sure! If that's what you have a taste for and will allow God to be the one to tell you when and how much.

Monday, January 21, 2008

please read

I want to thank you, Marshall, for the very well laid out thoughts on truly "what would Jesus do." I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes it just gets lived out differently. And yes, sometimes a good argument can come across as personal attack. No offense taken.

For anyone who happens upon this blog, I hope you will read the comments, because they represent a great struggle in my own life - the tension of law and grace. I, a sinner, am totally dependent on the grace of God through what Jesus did for me. There is absolutely no doubt about that. And knowing how much I have been forgiven causes me to give grace to those in similar situations.

So when a person saved by that grace wants to show love back to the Lord by living the way He asked us to live, there it gets sticky. There are some very proactive things that Jesus mentions (and Marshall stated). And then there are more nebulous suggestions such as "whatever is pure, whatever is true, whatever is of good report, think on these things." (and if you look that up, you'll find I didn't quote it correctly).

In the original post, I was never intending to say "this is a law, now walk in it." It is more conviction on my part as to what needs to be weeded out of my life and what is worth keeping. So when the world is coming at you, you do have to discern what those things are that need purging.

Life with "sinners" and life with the saved sinners can be seen as dramatically different. Well, it should be anyway. Those who have not known the gift of grace that Jesus gives, we call "lost." They are not held to the same standard as those who are believers. We can rightfully say that they don't know any better. In Scripture, it is the believer who is called into accounting, and the nonbeliever who is invited.

So, thank you again for the comments. They are both convicting and gracious.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

That's the key

Key words. We search on them. We find them. And Google is amazing at putting those little ad windows up according to the current blog.

I think it is really amusing that when I ranted about avatars, there was an ad for them! And then I mention that I'm freezing and up pops an ad about home heating. Now THAT is funny!

So, hmmm, what will it find in this teeny tiny post worthy of advertising? Perhaps "advertising?"

that's what blogs are for

When I wrote about avatars, little did I think that the most vitriolic response would be from my own children. Just goes to show you, I guess.

I was raised in a legalistic home - well, one of my parents was, and the other was hard to read. However, that legalism wasn't in the sense of doing only that which was holy. It was a confused mixture of social and theological liberalism, and straining at gnats. I certainly don't want to follow that pattern.

However, as I got older (and hopefully wiser) and began to search the Scriptures myself, I came to find out that there was no foundation really to what I was taught. I felt like I had to learn all over again what was true, what was right, what was holy, what was salvation, who was Jesus.

The combination of my upbringing and my study has brought me to a point where Truth is very important to me. And that acceptance of falsehood or of a creeping of falsehood (no matter under what guise) would not be tolerated. Okay, so maybe it doesn't bother you... but it bothers me. And since this is my blog, it can continue to bother me. So there!

You pick your battles, I'll pick mine. One of mine is to make sure I don't mix falsehood with fact. And that I don't blithely accept something I shouldn't. If it is no big deal, show me in Scripture where it shouldn't be a big deal, and I'll be glad to look at that.

Besides, isn't that what blogs are for? And in return, that's what the comment section is for...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Toes Froze

My toes are froze
And so is my nose.
A better prose
You'll never knows.
The heat is neat.
It warms my feet.
Sun is meet
But oh, so fleet.

Okay, I don't get paid for this.

When I looked at the thermometer this morning, it read minus 3.6. Right now it is minus .4. And the wind chill has us at minus 20 or so (but who's counting?). So, I am really thankful that the heater comes on every few minutes. I'm also thankful that the sun is shining, so that there are spots in the house that are warmed by solar heat. And I'm very thankful that on days like this, I don't have to go anywhere, and if I do, my car has an automatic starter that allows it to warm up for 10 minutes before I get in it.

What did they do in horse and buggy days?

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm a Compulsive Overeater

And so Ingrid and I went to a meeting last night, at an undisclosed location, with a secret name, and anonymous participants.

I already know I have an eating problem, careening from tight discipline to total food abandon. Sounds disgusting, doesn't it? Well, it probably isn't doing much for my body, either. Last year I lost 54 pounds, only to "find" 35 of them already. Hey, pounds! Keep hiding, would you???

My trouble is not knowledge - I've used almost every diet known to man and woman, and even led groups. So it would be mega humbling to have to join this group that sounded weird at best. It is too God "light" for me.

I'm so disappointed that Gwen Shamblin took a nose dive in popularity and theology, because her program truly was the best around. And so, if I close my eyes to what she does with her theology on Sundays, can I go back and use her program? A program that isn't really a formula, but acknowledging that food worship is idolatry, and asking Jesus for strength with each minute and bite.

You see, this problem is more insidious than alcoholism or drug abuse, because those aren't things you HAVE to have to live each day. But we HAVE to eat. And overeating seems to be the sin that we all wink at and actively indulge in at every opportunity.

What's the answer?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Avatars Need not Apply!

Is it just me or does anyone else notice the prevalence of New Age polytheism creeping into our everyday vernacular? Frankly, I'm sick of it.

I actually quit the Nutrisystem site due to the fact that they wanted me to "choose an avatar" to represent me. No thanks!

And this morning, on the Fast Company blog I was greeted with touting Bank of America because they have "hired an avatar" - note this line: Despite Becker's reluctance to discuss specifics of his careers site, here's what I like about it:

You're greeted by a video-based avatar of an actual bank employee who introduces you to the site. Despite the otherworldliness of an avatar, it has a warm feel to it.

Wake up, people! Perhaps you need a primer on what an avatar is... but then, anyone but a Christian (or perhaps a Muslim or Jew) wouldn't really care.

Avatar: (this is directly from an advocate of avatars) An Avatara is a personal form of the Supreme Being and innumerable such divine forms reside in an eternal spiritual realm. When a personal form of God descends from that higher dimensional realm to the material world, He (or She) is known as an incarnation, or Avatara.

We're talking demons here, folks! At the very least, we're talking polytheistic worship.

From a more innocuous source: (Webster dictionary) The incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.

And don't get me started on Yoga...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I love you guys!

I was just reading (catching up after a long hiatus) Britany's blog. Oh, I love how you think, Britany. And I love how you love my son and grandson!

And last night I was on Skype with Marshall, Lara, and Timmy. It is a joy to see and converse and share the future with you! God has really blessed you - I'm sure there will be photos on your blog shortly.

And I talk to Ingrid several times a week. She even brought flowers over yesterday afternoon for our anniversary. Thank you, Ingrid! You are a lovely woman and I'm proud to call you my daughter and my friend.

I really have nothing else to say other than how grateful I am to have three "children" who are all adults, all parents, and who love their spouses. God is good!!!

More to come...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's going on in there?

I know where the keys are on the keyboard. I kind of guess at street signs by the length of the name. The numbers on my glowing alarm clock look quite fine. But obviously, there is something changing with my eyes.

Oh, yes, the doctor warned me three years ago that I should go ahead and get glasses. But vanity took over and I just kept guessing at street signs and depending on my habitual typing. But it's a new year, so I thought I'd go get an eye exam this morning. I almost hate to admit it.

At 38, my perfect vision started slipping. While sitting in the bathtub one day, I noticed that the writing on the shampoo bottle was fuzzy. So that started the long line of reading glasses. Now I have a pair by every phone, every computer, and one in my purse.

The good news is that I had my eyes dilated and the doctor said I have very healthy retinas. Good! But, unfortunately, I need trifocals. Yes, trifocials - reading, computer, and distance. My "perfect" 20/20 vision has slipped to ... eeek ... 20/80. As a matter of fact, the doctor asked if I had gotten a license lately. What does that tell you? That people are getting their licenses renewed over the Internet, or just because it's time to renew, with no thought to having a new vision test. She told me I would have flunked. I don't like flunking anything.

So until my funky new glasses arrive on Tuesday, I'm continuing to back away from the screen just to get the right perspective.

I'll have to post a picture of my four eyes.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Card or no card?

On the Fast Company blog I left a comment about the proliferation of gift cards at Christmas time. I, for one, like them. They give me the opportunity to shop the sales. But I also like the hand made and hand-picked gifts. You see, if someone took the time to get me ANYTHING, I'm grateful. I feel guilty putting together a gift list for myself, even though I ask for them from others. So, what do you think? Has it gotten out of hand? Are gift cards less personal? Are you offended when you get one?

Oh, yes, and happy 2008!