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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Running Away

After Mom died on February 26 (2016), Diane had the job of going through most of Mom’s things until the rest of us could get there to help. She found duplicate copies of writings Mom had done for a class she participated in while living in Portland. Today’s blog post is a note she penned about David’s escapades shortly after he was adopted. Enjoy, David! [P.S. David is a Christian and successful IT security guy, husband, and father! Glad you are my brother!]

One afternoon David did not come home from school. I asked the children in the neighborhood if they had seen him. They said he told them he was going to Korea. He had taken his little cloth bag, with 28 cents in it, to school that day.

His friends all said they would help look for him. Many parents helped also, but no one could find him.

I called my husband and the base police. David knew the base had airplanes, so that is probably where he would try to go, but that was a long way to walk and the road had no sidewalks. He was also good at hiding.

He was finally found. He had gone in the wrong direction for the base. He was tired and hungry and glad to be back home again.

[David, I’d be interested to know YOUR side of the story… ;-)]