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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year! Posted by Hello

Janus. Back ... and ... Forth

Yesterday was my final day as advertising manager of Moody Publishers. Monday, Lord willing, will be my first day as Vice President of Special Markets for New Dimension Media. So today I decided to get my hair cut. What? Who cares? No, really. A new look for a new year.
Right now, all three of our offspring, along with their spouses, are headed downtown to ring in the New Year on Navy Pier. I am so grateful for CTA's penny special! The "girls" and I went for an "ah" day -- no, that's "spa" day -- to prepare for the the New Year. Hence my hair cut. And Lara's. And Britany's manicure and waxing. But probably the most appreciative was Ingrid. One whole hour of foot massage! Hey, for a woman who is almost 7 months pregnant, THAT is a treat! She actually fell asleep during the process!
So looking back ... life has been good. And looking foward ... God is good, so bring on 2005!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Have yourself a Merry Little

Did you have an excellent Christmas? What IS an excellent Christmas? There are so many "true meanings of the season" bantied about, that it is really hard to discern. The allegory I like the best is about a boy's birthday party. Well, people just THINK it is his birthday, and so they invite a whole bunch of people, decorate elaborately, make an incredible spread of goodies to eat, and then, get this ... they create a list of gifts THEY want! And do you know what? Everybody else is in on it except for the boy whose birthday it was supposed to be. He isn't even invited! Ridiculous, isn't it?
The initial sentiment is good -- celebrate the birth (although we don't really know the date) of Jesus. But Scripture doesn't give us a date, or a mandate for that matter, for the celebration. Down deep (and some will have to dig WAY down) we realize that the gift of Jesus didn't come at His birth. It came at His death, and more importantly His resurrection. The two celebrations are inextricably intertwined. And if a person doesn't see that intertwining, forget about celebrating the birthday. It won't mean anything to you. Especially, if you don't invite Him.

Communicate to Failure

I thought I would share a recent request from my "little" brother Dan, because I've been so out of blogworld touch lately. This should bring any prying eyes up to date ... And remember that as with all email trails, you have to read from the bottom up!

Hey there, Danno!

Oh, yeah, we got kind of side tracked about the job, and the Christmas cards are woefully behind (due to the fact that I've been paying a lot of attention in other directions).

If the job hadn't come looking for me, I probably wouldn't have looked at it, but there's something about that story -- "The Lord said, 'I sent three life rafts for you, and you didn't take them.'" So, if this is my "life raft" then who am I to disregard it? Enough for the pontificating ...

My new job title is "Vice President of Homeschooling and Special Markets" for New Dimension Media (a division of Questar Video). The senior v.p. markets to public libraries and school libraries. I will be heading the division that markets an online curriculum directly to homeschoolers and through Family Christian Stores. From budget planning, analysis, projects, marketing. ALSO, Questar has several family-friendly videos that are marketed through Family Christian stores, and I'll be supporting that market.

There are trade-offs, of course. I really love the people at Moody, but there were also frustrations with being able to do my job through all the layers of red tape. One of the little things I'll miss is FREE PARKING! Yipes! I have to park either in the building where I'll be working (680 North Lake Shore Drive) or right across the street, and they range from 280 - 380 a month! The public transportation doesn't run anywhere near our home, and then is another mile-plus at the other end. So driving is still my best option. Oh, well, at least I'm used to it. Oh, and no, I don't have a lake view. Don't even have a window. But at least I'm no longer in cubicle world. I will have a door!

Since the office is only about a mile away from Moody, I have plans to meet some friends for lunch every once in a while, about halfway. Plenty to choose from. :-)

So, there you have it. Somewhere between all the details and the Readers Digest Condensed version.

You should be receiving a package shortly, if it hasn't already arrived. And want to let you know that your card is dutifully sitting beneath the tree. Hmmmm, thanks in advance!

I'm off to make some French toast for Ingrid. Andy returns today, and they'll officially move into their new home. We're going to put up some window treatments sometime this morning. And then I have to scramble to get ready for Christmas. I am SO behind!!!

Love and blessings,
Your big sister!

> Hi Sis,
> You had mentioned once recently about an interview ... but you didn't
> mention with whom. So I guess you got whichever job it was and
> this is your
> two week notice e-mail.
> Drop me a note and let me know what you'll be doing.
> Love,
> Dan

> > Please note the following changes: as of December 31, if you are
> lookingfor the advertising manager, please contact John Hinkley
> ( If you are looking for Rhonda Elfstrand,