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Friday, April 29, 2011

King Me!

Nearly 400 years ago, the Separatists shrugged off the King's edicts and headed to the New World (that's the encapsulated version). So what is it that still draws us to royalty?

What causes us to long for the pomp, the queenly wave, the historical weight of it all?

Would it surprise you to read in the Old Testament that God never intended the people to have a king? HE was to be their only King, and therefore set up judges to rule according to His edicts here on earth. But the people clamored for a king. "All the people around us have one, why not us?"

The Lord relented (as He is prone to do to prove a point), and from then on the king was the "Lord's anointed" - the one chosen for the position. No one was to lay a hand on the Lord's anointed.

Then the world was turned upside down. THE Lord's Anointed One came, sovereignly, to take the place in our hearts of any other earthly king. No one is to usurp His authority.

And yet we strain toward earthly royalty. It is a reminder of prestige, of position, of authority.

I feel the tension. Do you? Wanting royalty "with skin on."

Lord, remind me again and again that I am to long after only my Heavenly King, and yet bless those in authority here on earth. Because You reside in me, Your kingdom is here.

God save the Queen (quite literally), and all her progeny!