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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blue Light Special

The blue light leaks out around the blinds. A butterfly is unwittingly stamped to the floor - aren't they supposed to fly?

We're in the pediatric wing of Delnor Hospital. And everyone is frustrated, and everyone is silently praying, and little Oliver isn't supposed to be this color. When they checked his bilirubin, pretty much right after the picture I took, it was not-so-slowly edging its way upward. 18. And they tell me that 25 is the zone you don't want to be near.

Please pray. Pray that the lights will take the bilirubin down. Pray that Oliver will perk up enough to eat, and that Britany's milk will come in enough to do the job.

Depression is such an unforgiving spiral. It seems I can't think of all the blessings that have happened. I can only count the things that are challenges at the moment. So please pray for all of us, too, that we won't lose hope, faith, or sight of the future. That this happens a lot and babies get over it.

But other babies aren't little Oliver.

He's Here!

Just who does he look like, this little man who is sleeping nearby? I truly think that little Oliver John, born on March 10, looks like a teenager already.

Check out the genetics. With a blond daddy and a brunette mommy, voila! Red hair!

It's so fun to watch them love him and care for him. Especially Adam, who holds him as often as possible. Way to go, kiddos!

Now, keep your eye out for the next little Elfstrand, followed by a little Williames. It's going to be quite a year!