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Friday, November 09, 2007

I remember

Puget Sound
mud flats
Puget Sound Freight Lines and seeing the water lap the slime covered posts beneath the office
scruffy whiskers
a buzzing razor
the musty smell of an attic
the huge brick bbq fireplace in the back yard
the deep freeze
shelling peas and snapping beans
shopping for fireworks in a pickup truck
walking to the beach through a treecovered trail
boots hitting the floor in the middle of the night - volunteer fireman that he was
"hit me in the stomach, girlie!"
"How do you feel, Grandpa?" "With my hands! How do YOU feel?"
Sitting in church
Pounding nails
A handmade heirloom play kitchenette
burnt toast and coffee (no decaf!)
bacon whenever Grandma would let him have it
99 years of strength
79 + years of steadfast love for his wife
stories of trucking with nitro glycerin
stories of the Great Depression
kisses whenever a white horse was seen
kisses whenever Grandma gave him his eye drops for glaucoma
his wishing to live to 100
prostate cancer that ate at his bones
a death rattle
the promise that the first sight he'll see is Jesus face to face!
Grandpa, we love you

Rumor or not?

You know, I get a lot of those forwarded emails that say things like "forward this to five friends and you'll save the hyenas" or something like that. And then you get those forwards that say someone is missing and please send the picture around.

Before you forward anything, check out or

And then I came across this one
The Hunger Site

It looked every bit like an e-rumor, but the difference is, this one is real! There are sponsors who will donate every time you go to the site and click, so it is really cool. I went there and it said, "Thank you. Your click just served someone 1.1 cups of food." Isn't that neat? Try it!