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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Grow Up!

“Not my president!”

Now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect, the nearly 50% of the population that did not vote for him is either making snarky remarks on social media, or they are downright rioting in the streets.

To you I say, “GROW UP!” Did you vote? If you did not, to you I say, “SHUT UP!” If you did, good for you. Sometimes our vote turns out the way we want, and sometimes it doesn’t.

If Trump wasn’t your choice, guess what? Obama wasn’t my choice for the last eight excruciating years of watching him dismantle our constitution and our country. He was not my president, and yet he was. I was required to be a good citizen and follow policy and if necessary, be civilly disobedient. “CIVILLY”

One can lament and say, what has happened to our country? But this is really nothing new. This last election cycle was a circus, to be sure. But history shows that man has not changed. However, his methods for getting his own way certainly have.

An acquaintance asked me yesterday what happened to being polite and civil to one another in our disagreements. I don’t know. Can you ever think of a time when there truly was polite disagreement? I don’t think there are any readers here who can claim being that old.

I’ve taken a break from social media … a short one, most likely, because I am a self-proclaimed addict. But I was just done with all the inane, uneducated, self-bloated comments.

The United States has always been unique in its ability to change leadership peacefully. Have we even lost that distinction? Will we live through the Millennial generation’s idea of government? I’m hoping that Trump can regain and reteach this generation on what it means to excel and to be responsible for one’s own behavior, and therefore be self-governing. Alas, we may have lost that ability.

I will pray for a return to the Hand of God on our country. Acknowledging that every good and perfect give comes from Him, not the government!

And so, I say … Grow up!