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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are those Wrinkles Painful?

This blog might hurt. I know the impetus for it sure did.

I roiled and boiled and thought and considered on my entire hour commute, ruminating over what I felt was an unfair treatment of women of my age.

Recently, a coworker and I were discussing how we feel that we are becoming "invisible" and were trying to figure out when that happened. When did we walk into the room and no one cared we had arrived? When did we go from gaining appreciative looks from passersby to a slight nod of the head, if any acknowledgment at all? And if wrinkles caused pain, we'd be in a world of hurt. Wait... maybe we are in a world of hurt and nobody is paying any attention.

Many of us use Facebook to reconnect with people from previous schools, workplaces, and geographical locations. With that in mind, I belong to a group of former students (we didn't all graduate from there) of a DoD high school.

This morning I was notified that someone had posted on that group's wall, and here is what he (yes, that matters) said: I have not changed any of his comment other than to blank out specific names.
The Last Time I saw this many old people, I just left my 90 year mom! Sorry, but most of the women look like my grandmother (I'm sure they are grandmothers at our age), but come on, eat less and go to the gym, Try to look at my friend (CH). I'm thinking.. Know wonder men like younger women, so many ladies out there have given up and let themselves go, I'll be 60 in July, but most people think I'm my 40's. I'm not braging at all, let's live longer for our kids, and our grandkids and get back to the gym. And just so you know, men would rather see you girls with colored hair, not grey, but what do I know?, after liviing around the world, and being a man. Just thought you might to know.

Really, you thought I'd just like to know that? Know what most women live in fear of day by day? That they are not attractive to the opposite sex? That time is catching up? Or has already passed them by?

If you thought this post, Mister N, was going to help someone, think again! The counseling chairs are filled with women (and a few men) with eating disorders because of attitudes like this!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of keeping healthy. There needs to be a balance between taking care of one's body and being overly concerned about outward appearance. And I totally agree that we should be around for our kids and grandkids. But this comment just hit me wrong.... or maybe it hit me right.

Right in the wrinkles. And that hurts.