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Monday, December 31, 2007

A little lie here and there

May I interest you in a few lies? Maybe just one? I'll be you wouldn't recognize it if you saw it or heard it. I know I didn't. Authors Dannah Gresh and Nancy Leigh DeMoss are coming out with Lies Young Women Believe in February, and I wish I would have read it when I was 16 instead of reading the manuscript at the age of ... fill in the blank.

There was one lie that struck me in particular. And that's because I didn't even recognize it as a lie. As a matter of fact, I thought ... you guys have this one wrong. The lie is: I believe that God should fix my problems. Hmmm. Aren't we supposed to trust Him to do just that? Well, maybe I was reading that wrong. You'll have to read the book to find out just how insidious some of these lies are.

Happy New Year, minus the lies that find us and bind us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Comcast to you

Comcastic, they say. I have digital voice, they say. Yes, we have digital voice, and we have cable modem, and we now have reached the 21st century with HD DVR. But when I took my day off to return the "old" HD box, how was I to know that it just might take the entire afternoon???

Business thrives on competition. But when there is no competing company, customer service goes down the tubes. After all, why does it matter if 10 people are waiting in line, only one person is serving them, and that person seems to be a temp! If we had a choice, then - all other things being equal - customer service would be a HUGE deciding factor. But since we don't, we all stood in line, once in a while making a snide comment, but otherwise quietly waiting for that ONE person, uninformed as she was.

Now, I anxiously await the next bill to see if what she did was correct...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Not long

It sure doesn't take long to have a month fly by! Memorials and Thanksgiving have passed, and Christmas is upon us. If you think I'm going to divulge what you're getting for Christmas, hahahaha.... don't count on it!

Since Mister Dad is taking off for the Hinterlands, this gives me some time to go shopping. I really am loathe to shop at brick and mortar any more, but it has to be done. So have yourself a Merry little Christmas - being careful to remember why we're doing all this.

Ah, I love the lights. Love the food, way too much. and love the look in Ashley's eyes as she hops around reciting what she is going to ask Santa for. Oh, that is so cute!

See ya at the mall or online somewhere. :-)