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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

HB 2 Me

I just took my loving hubby to the airport for a trip to a reformation and revival conference. Frankly, I'd like to be the one going there for some "reforming" and "reviving." Don't get me wrong, I jumped out of bed this morning with lots of energy, and am enjoying my Nutrisystem scrambled eggs, but I'd rather be spending my birthday with family, friends, and doing some extreme relaxing. A reasonable second-place is what I'm doing - spending it with co-workers who love the Lord and me, too!

Grandma, at the age of 96, just had a leg artery replaced, and although she is in pain, she's in pretty good shape! Age doesn't scare me. And it doesn't hinder me. I'm planning to "hop til I drop." None of this retirement mumbo jumbo. None of this "at your age" stuff. Some of it is indeed in your body, but most of aging is in your mind. So, I intend to read, read, read; keeping my mind sharp with words, puzzles, conversation, marketing, relationships, and several cups of green tea!

And I want to see those grandbabies grow up into believers in Jesus - changing the world for generations to come! So, let's get growing!