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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The - One - Little Pig

Are you afraid of the swine flu? It is getting so much press, and - oh, my - 60 people have contracted it in the US!

Well, folks, I'm wondering how much of this is just another strain of hyped flu. Check out these flu statistics from a "normal" year in the US. Astounding.

So, just keep washing those hands, and quit worrying about stray pigs that might sneeze on you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The FAT trap!

I was just reading in Genesis 45 where Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers, tells them about the next five years of famine, and encourages them to come back with the entire family to Egypt. Pharaoh agrees and sends carts with them, saying that they needn't bring much in the way of furnishings because they will be allowed to live on the FAT of the land in Egypt.

For anyone who has read the "rest of the story" (as Paul Harvey would say), we're thinking, No! don't do it! You'll end up enslaved for the next 400 years!!! I know the prospect looks like an answer to prayer now, but don't get trapped by the trappings! Just take the food and go!

So, the question becomes, when God answers our prayers, can we get trapped in or by the answer? Have we given more credence to the "stuff" of answered prayer than the character it is intended to produce? The richness of our relationship with Jesus?

I think I'm trapped in the fat layer.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nazis. Fascists. US politics.

That ought to make you wonder, huh? The headlines today are shocking. For a generation who has never read the truth of history...and another generation who decided to rewrite history...there is shame and future shock coming.

The public seems not to be able to see past the media hype and the end-of-the-nose stimulus packages. Read history and you will see what a scary road we are traveling. The picture is much bigger than our pockets, folks. I wish I knew who to attribute some of these quotes to, but one has to do with "woe to the nation who discovers the deep pockets of government."

Ask the people who have socialized medicine. You DON'T want to go there. This country was built on individuals, inventions, freedom. With every finger government has in our lives, it creates a clenched fist around our throats.

This could very well be the generation that sees why the US is not listed among the nations around when Jesus returns.

Pray for pre-trib. Prepare for post.