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Friday, July 01, 2005

People cry for freedom!

It's July 1st and the 4th is coming! I remember that same style of delivery in a sermon years ago -- It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'!!! referring to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now THAT is freedom! Freedom from sin. Freedom from death. Too often, we Americans have used our freedom for just the opposite -- freedom TO sin ... well, yes, we do have that freedom, but as the apostle Paul said, does it profit me anything?

Here's another freedom. Freedom from constraint to a chair for my hubby. He is back at work this morning, and it sure is good to hear his voice. Albeit, he does have to keep his foot elevated, but that is a small thing compared to having to sit and watch daytime TV!

Deep within the heart there is a cry for freedom. We tend to think that our agenda and our license will bring us freedom, but ... you guessed it ... no. The rebellious heart desires to be free from God's leading, but the submitted heart is truly free. No more paranoia; no more grinch-like behavior; no more cutting off the competition at the pass. Freedom to serve and love without feeling loss of self.

There's the rambling for the day. Be free this 4th -- truly free!