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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


What does it spell? VACATION! What does it mean? Change...time off of the normal daily routine ... but no snoozing for this Nana.

No, I'll be spending time with Ingee, Ashley, Amberleigh, and the doggie. Cooking, cleaning, feeding, playing, driving, reading, you name it. But since it isn't the normal daily routine, it qualifies as vacation.

And so, as another sun sets and an awakening sun awaits, I'm planning to enjoy the frenetic pace of this particular vacation.

I miss my mind the most

I don't mind. I lose mine. Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most.

Okay, that was just an intro to all the things that keep me awake at night. I was reading Britany's post about being awake, and I find that I "work" on things all night if I happen to be awake. It's not healthy. I should probably keep a laptop on my bed for just such occasions. Or I could just read my favorite book du jour and drift off. Or I can do what one person suggested: pray for anyone who comes to mind.

On the rare occasion that I'm lucid enough to pray, I do that. But I usually just toss and turn until I get into the sleep groove again.

I'm leaving for lunch now, and no naps are allowed, so I'll be minding my business for now, thanks!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tiptoe through the Minefields

Scripture warns me to speak the truth with all gentleness and reverence. Now, I believe that is speaking about sharing the Gospel, but what about everyday things? And why am I so afraid of offending someone that I don't just talk about what I'm feeling and thinking?

The pendulum swings both ways, though. What about when I get so blunt that I cut the receiver to the quick? Which is why I walk through minefields all the time. I'm always second guessing how the receiver will hear my words, and therefore making mental edits until what I intended to say no longer exists!

The NEXT generation seems to be blunt to the extreme. Where are the healthy inhibitions? Where is caring about the hearer? And then how do I propose things without sounding like I'm invading personal space?

Your thoughts?