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Thursday, December 02, 2010


Who can say what causes one day to be all smiles, another to be all weepy, and still another fairly stable?

I can be getting ready for work in the morning, hear a song on the radio, and dance around - making the dog wonder what this human can possibly be thinking.

But then I can hear that same song (in this case it was Steven Curtis Chapman's "It All Belongs to You") and start to weep as I dance. God, in His powerful and yet unobtrusive way, will break through my self-absorption and use someone's words or melody to get my attention.

Is it the happenstance firing of a neuron? Something about the turkey chili and black beans? When I'm tempted to pull all experience apart and look at it logically, I could very well totally miss how God is intervening.

So, synapse or Spirit, this morning God got my attention. It all belongs to You, God! And it still causes me to weep.