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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Might as Well Admit it, I'm Addicted to ...

Do you supposed God "gifted" us with addictions? Something in us wants to either be devoted to something (or someone) or at its zenith... addicted.

I find that just like the "whack the mole" game, my addictions just switch places. When I think I've got one mastered, another pops up. Perhaps I'm addicted to shopping online. So I quit cold turkey and, voila, I'm staking out Dairy Queen for the latest Blizzard flavor every day. Neither is true, but I do find that when I'm relying on food, for example, my reliance on the Lord wanes. And when my food love is under control, my love for the Lord increases.

This may not be true for everyone, but if you look at my waistline, you'll get a pretty good indication of how my soul relationship is doing. Right now, it is inversely related. Not a pretty picture.

Remember Anne of Green Gables? She spoke of her "besetting sin." Mine shows itself in too much food. What's yours?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Blame it All on Mondays!

Or I could blame it on the Sixties. The 1968 Congress that decided to begin the unraveling of history. Ever since, we've leaned on convenience rather than truth (oh, now *that's* an inconvenient truth!). Instead of celebrating Lincoln's birthday on February 12, it's whatever Monday Congress declared. And Washington's birthday...February 22, but unless you read the fine print on your calendar,you and your kids just assume you get a federal holiday somewhere in February.

Not that this was an intentional dismantling of American history, but I do believe it has served as such.

It's sad to watch our generations lose their moorings because they don't know history, or the importance of that history.

So, it is with equal distaste that I come upon my Grandmother's 100th birthday. Oh, no, I'm excited about her turning 100, don't get me wrong. But part of the family decided it would be convenient to hold her birthday a month earlier than the actual date. I can feel my skin starting to crawl. "She turns 100 on November 1," I want to scream! But no, October 3 is more convenient.

I'm considering a boycott, but that would only look like I didn't care about Grandma, so I'll be there, Lord willing. However, since I can't stand the thought of her birthday not being celebrated properly, ssssssshhhhhhh, I may actually show up on the real date, too!

Viva la history!