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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tick, click, whirrr, boing

(watch for the Flickr account when we get back. Until I get a phone that can text better than triple tapping, I can't post pictures to the blog like Lara does!)

The sounds of the hospital are becoming more familiar, but nothing can compare to what Lara has gotten used to every night sleeping there!

It is so great to be here...complete with tears and smiles and meeting the friends and medical staff who have been taking care of the family (especially Timmy) for so long.

I was one of many who set up for Timmy's birthday in a large "media room" in the Children's Hospital. The Children's Hospital is attached to the main hospital where Timmy happens to have his room. He's on a floor with other kids having non-contagious medical problems. It is so sad to see them, and know that some have been there almost as long as Timmy.

Anyway, Elmo did a major invasion and like Lara posted, when we all sang Happy Birthday, Timmy was all smiles. The Pastor spoke on Psalm 139, which was even more poignant for us with Timmy - God knows him inside and out and has a plan for his life, however brief that might be. Monday was his real birthday, but we combined the dedication and birthday celebration into one.

Tears have come and gone a lot, especially when I'm reading to Timmy and come across something that means a lot, or that I can foresee meaning a lot. I couldn't even get through reading him the 23rd Psalm.

Sunday night, when we still thought Timmy would go into surgery on Monday, Lara went home for a good night's rest and I took the pull out chair/bed. "Bed" is a loose term here! Timmy was having a hard time falling asleep, most likely due to all the stress and strain of the day of celebration. He was very stiff and the nurse thinks he had a mini seizure while in my arms rocking. May be, and I was not near the nurse call button, so in a most unprofessional manner I yelled "HELP!" Timmy was gagging and foamy froth was coming from his mouth and nose. I was concerned, to say the least.

The nurse got him suctioned out and after another hour of trying to calm him (by the way, he never really cries, he just moans and stiffens and thrashes), he got his meds and went to sleep. But did Nana? No way! I was "on guard" and so every time another child cried (there are two other babies in the room just separated by curtains)or a nurse came in, I turned to see that Timmy was still sleeping okay.

Hence the tick and click and whirrr and boing. At 2 AM when the nurse came to switch him over from formula to IV fluids only (in expectation of the surgery), the new machine made louder sounds that eventually lulled me into one of the two hours of sleep I got. Lara, you're a saint!

So we are excited that the surgery for the G-J tube is actually on the docket for the day. We are heading over now to get coffee and bring Lara breakfast. Then after the surgery, we'll give Lara some time to get a nap and a shower.

Side note: while we were having a mini-birthday celebration on the hospital plaza last night, Ingrid came down with an excruciating pain that sent us to the emergency room. Luckily, it was in walking distance! There were 60 people ahead of her, and since she didn't come by ambulance, well, she was put on the "list." Needless to say, after an hour, the pain subsided and we decided that home - wherever that might be - would be better than sitting there.

More later - but I cannot post as often as Lara can, and the pictures will be uploaded on Sunday, Lord willing.