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Monday, July 02, 2018


I got the sweetest texts from one of my granddaughters the other day. She and the family had been talking about "Nana's cancer." And like most of us with limited experience (or no experience) with the topic, she immediately went to the worst case scenario.

"Ur (sic) one of the most healthy person (sic) I know." Yes, weird, isn't it?

We seem to always hear the phrase, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But what about the fact that sometimes we cannot even see what is killing us??? Or has the potential to, anyway.

It's the hidden disease that has the most potential to harm. Disease that we don't even want to admit exists. As I've written before, "I'm an idiot!" I ignored the warning signs, attributing them to experiences with which I was more acquainted, rather than having them checked for ... breast cancer.

The same holds true for spiritual disease. We don't want to admit sin and so we ignore the warning signs. But God's Word is true and right and holy. It contains the definition of sin ... and the cure.

The Creator knows me inside and out. He knows my hidden disease, physical and spiritual. I'm trusting that the Creator is also my Healer.

Can't hide from that.